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Who Are We?

OADA is an acronym for Origin Agent and Destination Agent, pronounced "Oh, Ada!". Long used by moving companies to describe the offices at each end of a household move, the terms mean so much more today. The “agent” could be the Realtor who lists your transferee's home before move, or the property manager who keeps up the property while the owner is on a two-year assignment. The agent could be the buyer's rep in a new city, or the settling-in specialist who helps an inpat's family adjust to a new country.

OADA Mobility improves the overall transferee experience for
lower volume corporate clients while leveraging best-in-class supply chain partners. Most relocation firms lack the bandwidth to dedicate the necessary resources to properly serve smaller clients. Since close to 70% of corporations may only have 1-20 moves a year, OADA Mobility will step in to assist human resource professionals with bespoke relocation assistance policy consulting and drafting.

No account is too small, and typical service fees are at or below most relocation budgets. OADA empowers your recruiting and talent management to win the race to recruit and retain the best possible talent in your industry with smooth, trouble-free relocations across the United States and around the world.

How Are We Innovative?

The relocation universe was never static, but the COVID-19 pandemic shifted the dynamic into overdrive. Fewer people are moving for work now, and relocation benefits for those who still do move for new positions are all over the map. While large-scale executive moves, with home sales, home purchases, and full truckloads are still part of the landscape, the small lump-sum move is more prevalent than ever.

OADA Mobility creates solutions for each individual relocation with
fast, eager adaptation of the latest trends in technology and customer service, for every lump sum benefit, for every large-scale project, for every HR department's annual budget.

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