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Origin Services

Home Sales

Selling a home can be an emotional experience even without the pressure of relocation. Our Relocation Counselors take the pain out of relocating by helping your employees sell their home quickly, for the best price possible, by carefully selecting service partners that are relocation experts in their own right, with singular empathy for employees in transition.

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Departure Services

Services Include:
  • Employee Policy Counseling

  • Home Marketing Assistance

  • Home Sale Assistance

  • Inventory Management

  • Property Management

  • Household Move Management – Full Service and DYI

New York City

Destination Services

Home Search

Buying a new home is exciting, but having to make a quick decision can also be very stressful. OADA Counselors conduct careful needs assessments and work closely with employee and OADA’s chosen real estate professional. Accredited, in-house real estate licensees oversee the entire process until your employee is settled comfortably.

Business Interview

Renter Services

and OADA Counselor

Today’s renters include not just recent college grads, but many experienced professionals as well, with the same priorities as buyers: communities, schools, local amenities, transportation and of course, the property itself. Depending on client policy, the OADA Counselor:

  • Counsels employees on policy benefits

  • Assesses the employee’s needs

  • Creates a timeline to guide the employee through the process

  • Provides information on the destination area

  • Arranges a rental tour (where available)

  • Reviews leases

  • Reviews and processes lease cancellation payments

  • Locates and arranges temporary housing

  • Manages movement of household goods

  • Works closely with the employee until a new home is secured

Consultant at work

Additional Services

  • Temporary Living Assistance

  • Home Finding Services

  • Area Orientation

  • Mortgage Assistance

  • Culture Awareness Training

  • Language Training

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